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We have a programme ! However, suggestions and requests for changes are always welcome!

If you have a better suggestion, just bring a DVD or Blue Ray disc or a USB stick (please make sure the film is from a legal source). Then we will vote in the taxi. It’s easier with a film than with a new taxi fare.
We can do it!

Which film best depicts taxi driving today in 2024?
Suggestions please here !

Date Theme title
Thursday, 15 February We here - Opening Surprise !
Friday, 16 February What was - History Hallo Taxi (1974)
Saturday, 17 February What is - today Dreiviertelmond (2011)
Sunday, 18 February Life and Death Unter Bomben
Monday, 19 February Europe Taxi (1998)
Tuesday, 20 February USA / Canada Taxi Driver
Wednesday, 21 February China / Korea A Taxi Driver
Thursday, 22 February Africa Taxi Ride (2012)
Friday, 23 February Science Fiction Das fünfte Element
Saturday, 24 February Work and the Future Collateral
Sunday, 25 February Closing rally Award ceremony and surprise film [1]

All events take place between 17:00 and 22:00.
All taxi films in detail

At the TaxiFilmFest we watch feature films, documentaries and compilations with a focus on taxis among friends [2] . We present the programme in the second week of February. We make suggestions and you, dear friends, add to and rate them. From 15 February, we will meet in the taxi on Potsdamer Straße, watch the films and discuss them.

If you can’t fit into the car or are not in Berlin, you can organise it yourself at home.
Please use our form for further film suggestions.

[1Vote! ! If you really want to see Night On Earth, I’ll watch it for the hundredth time

[2The friends thing is very important to us. We respect german IP regulations which require us to show mobǘies only to people whom we habe a personal relationship with. Therefore you will hate to make friends with us ans wrtite down your name and some contact information in our friend’s list (Friend of Taxi, FoT refers to a movie ... guess which one ;-). Everybody may attend our public event in favour of taxis worldwide but will have to stay outside. A friendship is made to last, isn’t it?